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Hello community,

i am currently using a theme from xenfocus and am looking for someone who can help me to create a landing page for this theme. I already have some ideas how the landing page should look like (very simple and minimalistic). I have already asked the developer of xenfocus, but unfortunately he is very irregular and does not support his product very well. So i am now looking for someone who can support me with this project.

We can set a concrete price after the discussion of the project.

Kind regards


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It's not up to a theme developer to create a landing page for your forum/website, the themes are purely skins for the base Xenforo software


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@Will Franco Thank you for the video, I need a bit more custom work. For example my navbar and footer has to be changed a bit aswell, so that the landigpage has the same design as the rest of the forums and it doesn't look like two different sites or styles.

@webbouk I know that it's not his job. But the guy is ignoring simple questions. Instead of answering the questions regarding a custom work request, he is ignoring them. I asked him first since he developed the style so I thought he is the best person to ask for a custom design. But he is not answering or announcing eta's far in the future instead of simply saying: no, I don't do such work or yes, I can do that. :) And that is a bad service in my point of view.

But fortunatly here on the forums I got now over 5 users willing to help me out.


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Hi @Vladislavik36

As others have mentioned, I unfortunately do not offer a landing page service for my themes. I have just found your topic in the General Section of my forum and apologise for no reply - I usually do my best to answer topics as soon as I see them however I must have skimmed past yours and never returned to reply.

Depending on your requirements, you may be able to create a basic page using the feature under ACP > Forums > Nodes > Add node > Page, however it seems as though others are offering a landing page service, so I'm looking forward to seeing the result :)