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There were 2 mods

Simple Forms (No Longer For Sale Works But No Database Driven)

Advanced Application Forms (Not Custom or Database Driven)

None of these offer what we need.

Are there any mods or non xenforo forms you can recommend that would allow forms to be filled out that would store information in a database (that also has a frontend to view the data).
First off, as the developer of Advanced Application Forms I would need to ask what you consider "custom"? My add-on allows you to define every question, the order the questions are in and many other items. And you can edit the display templates to display things how you want. So your comment about it not being custom really seems to mean it doesn't meet the level of customization you are looking for.

So far as answers being in a database table, that's been on the wish list for my add-on for quite a while and it's not as simple a thing to do as you might think. Here are just a few of the possible problems...

Each form would need it's own database table. It's not feasible to use one table for all forms. Which in turn causes an uninstall problem if the add-on is ever removed from a system. Not that it couldn't be done, but it is still something beyond normal.

There are data type problems if you decide to change a question's answer type (yes/no, text, numeric, date) after a form has been around for a while. What do you do with the existing data in the database that is no longer compatible with the new data type?

Then there's displaying the data. How would you like it displayed? You may want a simple list of data, others might want charts, others might want a level of custom views that may or may not be feasible. Support for displaying the data could very well become a developers nightmare when it comes to displaying the data the way 'everyone' wants it displayed.

What I'm getting at is when you ask for an add-on, be specific about what you're looking for. That will help me and any other developer establish what needs to be done and give a much better response to what you have in mind.
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