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Ladies and Gents,

Wondering if this add-on exists or whether I can hack something together out of RM or other plugins. I'm looking at something equivalent to Wordpress Pods (WordPress › Pods - Custom Content Types and Fields « WordPress Plugins) i.e. providing the ability for custom content types and fields driven by users. Basically a user driven database. Fields would be searchable and/or filterable.

Real world example:
User creates a predefined custom resource (review for example) under a particular category (e.g. cars) - user fills out custom fields such as car, engine, transmission, model
Resource is submitted (threads can be created but entirely optional)
Other users can filter by every custom field (not just search) so I can filter by all user reviews for a particular car or model (list is presented and all fields exposed). This would be ideally a table format

I keep thinking RM can be made to do this but I'd really like to see if more robust user 'database' solutions are out there. Graphs, comparisons and other fancy tools would be an excellent addition.
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