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I think it would be good if we could group or categorise custom fields. For example, if you had several fields related to computer hardware, they wouldn't really fit in so well under Personal Details and being able to have a category called "Computer Hardware" and then have CPU, RAM and so on for the fields under it would work really well.

Hope people like this as I believe it is a good suggestion, what do you think? :)

Sorry if suggested before, I haven't seen one though yet.

John L.

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Was just about to suggest this, glad I searched. It would be great if you move the group to a new tab as well in profile :).


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for custom user fields I would like custom Display Locations or categories. basically I'd like some way to group the custom user fields beyond Personal, Contact, & Preferences.

for example, on the edit personal details page

the first group is status message
then is avatar & custom title
then it's gender & birth
then it's about you which allows BBCode

though I can sort EVERYTHING ELSE, I can't group them & insert breaks.


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on a side note, I'd like a custom user field option to allow BBCode / insert the editor in that field.



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Presently, in the Admin Panel under Users > User Customization > Custom User Fields, there is no option to create “Categories,” which only leaves you a choice of either “Personal Details” or “Contact Details” categories. This may be ok if you only have a few custom user fields, but if you have a large number of user fields, the users profile page will look crowded and hard to scan.

For example, I have a set of user customize fields for my user’s computer systems, which presently has about 15 computer items they can list. It would be nice to place this under its own category called, let’s say, “My Computer,” were only the items designated are listed in the category.

Anyway, I hope you will consider this edition to the custom user fields listings.


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I would like to see Custom User Profile Fields available EVERYWHERE in XenForo. There are a few templates where this data is just not exposed. There are also a few templates where the data is only provided in serialized format which is not pleasant to unpack. If the user's Custom User Profile Fields could be available globally and in a straightforward array, this would be extremely helpful to doing things like adding Remote Avatar support and other things we'd like to do basically allowing the user to have their own preferences.


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In the meantime I've done this, using Mutt's example:


I did also edit the profile page to separate them but I didn't like how it looked.


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If you create a large number of fields and need to apply groups of them to specific nodes, then custom fields become practically unmanageable. Field Groups resolve this problem and make it easy to manage fields.