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I have a pretty simple suggestion here, that's already half implemented. I have created a lot of Custom Fields for user profiles, but with the available options the Account Details page is beginning to look messy.
I've alleviated this to a certain degree because Xenforo does allow you to choose if you want the field to appear as Personal, Contact, or Preference, but I think people could benefit if this was taken a step further, where users could create their own categories for the fields. Here is a mockup of how my Account Details page could look if I could sort these fields into their own categories.

PS. it would also be nice if we could restrict certain values for choice fields to specified users/usergroups (ie admin only), but I also understand if not many people see the benefit of that.
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Agreed - this would definitely be a helpful feature, and to have categories seperated on the profile page itself if they display there.


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I could do with this too.

Our custom fields are getting a bit out of hand as we ask a ton of questions at registration, which are never displayed to the user again.

Then some fields which are private, between the site owner and the user, but need to remain editable.

Then some fields which are public and actually displayed on their profile.

Plus the socials.

Would be really helpful if we could add our own categories to help keep this organised and easier for users to digest in different sections.
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