XF 1.5 Custom BBCode from VB (aligned image)


Hi there,
I have a problem to transfer a custom BBCode from my old vBulletin forum to Xenforo.

I had a BBCode called imga for aligned images:

I Don't find the good entries to be made in Xenforo custom BBCodes, it's always schowing nothing, the URL is not used.


The result is always something like "http://www.florida-interaktiver.com/url"

Can anyone tell me what's wrong?
Thanks for your answer, but it's not for floating images, it's just to align them left, center or right.
I don't care if this functionality remains in the new software, i just want the images to appear in Xenforo because I don't want to edit all the links which are now tagged with this BBCode - there are some hundred images embedded in the old threads and none of them are showing up now :(

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