XF 2.2 Custom BBcode doing weird things


Hello! I'm having strange problems with a custom BB I made for showing Thomann.de prices. It's basically a <style> tag for some custom CSS and a <script> code for calling the price widget from Thomann servers. This is the replacement:
<style>.tho-universe{margin-bottom: 35px;}</style><div id="cf-productswidget-2" class="cf-productswidget"></div><script src="https://thomann.clickfire.de/Creatives/GetProductsWidgetJS/vg83TgpWqrKXWKkis9uRV6XeDK2Q2?data={text}&lng=es&ref=1"></script>

The problem is that it shows the widget always at the bottom of the post, after some blank lines, no matter where I locate the bbcode. Of course, I'd like this code to be inserted between paragraphs or whenecer I want it to appear.

Example of this problem: https://www.batacas.com/topics/publi-thomann-cyber-week-ahorra-hasta-un-60.87511/

Any ideas? Thank you!
Ok, I've figured out where the blank lines came from. I posted several widgets, one after another (so, several instances of BB codes), and those lines where the sum of the blank lines between each widget. If I put all the bbcodes "glued" one to another, with no spaces, no blank lines appear.

But of course that's part of the problem. And all widgerts appear always at the bottom anyway, no matter if I try to show them at any other location inside the post.
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