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Do any of you use blogger / blogspot? Have any of you ever tried designing themes for it, or altering the existing themes? How did that go? For those of you who use blogger, have you actually ever hit a storage limit or had issues with too many posts? Did your blog ever end up loading slow or anything like that? Have you ever created your own widgets? The third party widget selection for blogger SUCKS!!! It's like all the developers gave up around 2010 lol. I read that Google used to let people download an entire blog for backup but when I do it all I see is a template.

About a year or two ago my cousin asked me to make her a site. I used Xenforo. Turns out, she never even used it, she got too busy with work. She asked me again and I thought to myself "I'm not going to go through the effort of finding her a host and software again" so I thought about using Wordpress since I have a lot of experience with it. Unfortunately the free version has too many limitations technically and storage-wise so I decided to use blogger instead which is seemingly limitless.

I have her site looking good now, looks like a professionally done website. I told her I made it with Blogger because you can't use Google Adsense with the free version of wordpress but you can with Blogger. She doesn't care about ads though. She doesn't care about comments either so I turned those off. Speaking of comments, that's one thing I really liked about wordpress free site is that you can comment from disqus, facebook or twitter too but I digress. I thought I was done with making and designing sites, but people keep trying to bring me back.


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Update: I was able to create her site in blogger and nowhere on it does it look like a blog site. Looks professionally done. I had a lot of trouble in some areas due to blogger not letting us customize the mobile theme as well as they let us do the desktop version but I was able to find shortcuts and compromises, tips and tricks to make it work so that it looks similar to the desktop version.

One thing I'd like to add is that using zoho to create domain emails was very easy to set up and totally worth the time to setup.

I can't believe this service made domain email accounts administration so easy and free.