Fixed Ctrl-X or right-click cut do not work in editor

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On initially loading a thread, select some text and then Ctrl-X or right-click cut do not work in editor.

Toggling from bbcode mode off & on appears to workaround the issue.


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I can reliably reproduce this issue with Chrome 63 on Linux. I suspect this issue occurs whenever there is a line break.

Type the following into an empty textarea and then try to cut one of the two words:


Chris D

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Multiple lines is the key.

It's actually down to a Froala bug which has been fixed, though we may not have access to that version until it is released. We may be rolling back to an earlier version.


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We've rolled out the in-development version of Froala that has a fix for this here. If there are situations where you can still reproduce it, please let us know.