Add-on CSS Template property value search

Mike Creuzer

Well-known member
Hey all,

Looking to have a plugin developed that serves a very specific (and I hope easy to build) function. I want the plugin to scan all .css templates in XenForo, and when it finds a value, I want it to grab the selector. For example:

My CSS template might look like:

.dog, .cat {
color: black;
background: red;

.duck {color: black;}
If my input type is color and my value is 'black' (Meaning I am looking for where the color is black), the output would be '.dog, .cat, .duck'.

Ideally, I'd like to choose an * for input type, so that way it will generate all for each property type (color, background-color, border-color, etc)

Paid plugin, please PM me if you are interested!