XF 1.5 CSS template isnt linking to HTML template...


Hey there

I recently downloaded an add on to get a completely blank home page to edit with HTML/CSS without Xenforo styling. I can not get a response from the author of the plugin.

It came with three templates - acomhomepage, acomhomepage.css, and acomhomepage_layout

For the life of my I can't get the .css template to actually modify the html. The only way this works is if I upload a .css file and directly link it via <link rel = "stylesheet> etc etc.

Adding <xen:require css="acomhomepage.css" /> to the head doesn't work.

Any tips?


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You are probably confusing files with templates.

When you use xen:require, it loads template from database, not from file system. You can find templates in admin panel -> styles -> templates. If template isn't there, its not a XenForo template.