Lack of interest Self-required css templates or an easy alternative to include css with 0 TM or direct edits


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It is a minor feature request and it's based on some of the add-ons I already made that have no actual .php files and only contain a single XML.

For example I want to create an add-on that changes the look of editor or any other element. To do that I'll have to:
  1. Create a template;
  2. Create a new Template modification to include my template wherever I want it to go.
So my suggestion is to eliminate the last step and create a special tag like {xen:selfinclude} that would indicate that this template should be included in the main CSS file.

To get this even further we can disable that new tag on a style property basis, so we get more control when to include that template:

<xen:if is="@styleProp">{xen:selfinclude}</xen:if>