XF 1.1 CSS Sprites


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In an attempt to decrease the number of HTTP requests made (and thereby speed up pages), virtually all of XenForo 1.1's UI icon graphics come from just two sprites.



Attached below are the 24 bit versions of the same sprites, for those of you who wish to edit them but don't have a graphic program which supports the 8 bit versions.


Does that mean there would be some tool in the control panel to make sprites for custom skins? or it's just how the new xenforo 1.1 default skin will ship?


If you already have custom icons, it will just be a case of replacing the relevant ones (copy and paste) and re-saving the sprite .png.
I would only upload the new icon and replace the relevant css :D too lazy to play around with gimp


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I'm sorry, but I don't like this. It seems like a lot of work for styling. :-/

I perferred the old way - one by one.

I wish this was a toggle.