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XF 1.4 CSS/Colors for usergroup does not work


I use working CSS code on my site for usergroups and they don't always work. What I mean is that the CSS and colors and stuff only work for the deafult usergroups that came with xenforo, as soon as I add another usergroup they start not to work, and that usergroup dosn't work ( css) pls help.

site: http://ps3central.net/index.php


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It's not clear what the issue is.

I see only two members are registered, both administrators, so what isn't showing where?
Well it does not show CSS when more then just the default usergroups are added we need more like premium, and when we add them it ruins the color for everygroup. And the admins are supose to have color but they dont cause we added the group premium
we are trying to make a premium section . so only premium can get colors well premium and up ( premium moderator admin super admin) But they always stop working when we add a new user group.
Yes we have good CSS, its that, we are trying to add color to usergroups which we can for all the default ones, ( admin, mod , ect) but when we add another usergroup like Premium the colors don't work. for both premium and the rest


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User group styling does work. I use it on my own site, as do many others.

If it's not working then it is either an issue with your custom style or you are not implementing it correctly.
Hmm, I made a support ticket for staff to login to my admin panel and see if the code is right. But it works for other people this CSS, why not me :( i made a ticket hopefully staff can see if it is correct.


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The general approach you've taken regarding this (simultaneously PMing people, posting on the forum and submitting a ticket) and bumping things a number of times is not a good way to start.

You haven't clearly explained/demonstrated the problem or shown the configuration that has created the problem. The main relevant part is the display styling priority as discussed on the previously mentioned manual page.
Thanks @Phases but it still does not work :( , sometimes when i dont add a usergroup just keep default only defaults work ( i need more) when ever i add some, only the added ones work ( only some) so can you help with that/


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Hard to advice when I can't see the problem, was hoping I could help. But, looking at that site it looks like premium is getting styling applied. It's flashy and animated and all that stuff.


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Wish I could help ya. I'm ironing out about a million things coming off a pretty big import to XF a week or so ago (nearly 7m posts) so, I'm just tryin to help out here and there when I can when I'm here already checking my own threads - just tryin to give back since I'm asking questions too ;) - But I can't spend too much time debugging other sites just yet. Hopefully soon I can :)

It's hard to give advice without being able to just see all your settings and dig in , ya know? Best of luck to ya. If I think of anything else I'll post back,,

@Brogan I think he's saying his Admin users special styling won't apply, but the premium usergroups will.


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I see you got it to work. Good job :) Little flashy for me (in all honesty I can't even read the red one so.. may want to consider usability and strain on eyes and the effect it may have on signup) but heh, that's personal pref no biggie.

Glad you got it sorted! What was the problem?