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So I had an idea for an add-on earlier and just wanted to check whether a) anything like it exists and b) anyone would be interested in it.

Essentially it would allow you to set the criteria on a per node basis as to when threads in that node should be moved to another node.

It would essentially follow the same criteria based functions that already exist in XF and probably function similar to the Batch Update threads feature, but automatically.

A real life example would be for the closed suggestions forum here; it could be set up so that once a thread reaches say 10 first message likes, it would be automatically moved back to the suggestions forum.

Does anything like that currently exist?

If not, would anyone be interested in said functionality?

It would more than likely be a paid add-on.
Does anything like that currently exist?
Woah, is BroganBot ok? I thought you had every post on this forum indexed in your brain and quickly produced links from memory. What is happening right now?

Seriously though, I haven't seen anything but I do recall a conversation that was basically on the same concept as this. I think it was here, might have been Theadminzone. I think it's a good idea and could be a great tool.
Heh, I stopped trying to keep up with add-ons a long time ago: there are just way too many of them.

Yes, I think with the right criteria and functionality it could be useful.

Probably not something I would ever use on my own forums though :rolleyes:

If Brogan is contemplating actually writing code, there's definitely something very wrong ;)
To late to say yes please? :) Way back when I got a email log from an old email group. I wrote a parser to import it into the forum but it's all in one node (many threads and posts though). I just never got around to splitting the threads into the appropriate nodes.
Unfortunately there isn't enough interest to make it worth the time and effort.
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