XF 1.5 Creating xenForo installation with old database

Hi all,

I had a test installation of a XenForo forum and imported all the data across from my current vBulletin database. However, now I am preparing to put my installation live and I have encountered an error.

I copied my database from my test installation over to the virtual machine I am hosting the my forum on and configured everything ready for installation. However, when I pointed the config.php file to my old database XenForo returned this error message:

You cannot proceed unless all XenForo database tables are removed.

So obviously I cannot install XenForo with an existing database. My question is, if I install XenForo with a blank database, can I then change the config.php file to point to the old database? Will this work?

Any input appreciated.




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Did you just copy the database? You need to copy all of the files as well (which would include your avatars and attachments, along with the install "lock" file).


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It would remove the error (and prevent other potential errors).

You would copy the entire XenForo installation directory. It will contain the necessary data. You can then modify library/config.php as necessary.