XF 2.0 Moving to new or importing old database

I moved xenforo 2.0 to another box.
I exported the file.sql and have locally. I imported into phpmyadmin to create a database.
I pointed to the database but I get a blank screen when visiting site.

I tried to log into admin area and it is telling me to use the app from my phone (I never set this up anywhere). Is there something I am missing?


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Unless you have a extremely small forum using phpMyAdmin is often problematic. You need to use mysqldump to create the backup.sql and mysql to import the backup into a new database.
Thanks for reply I am doing this now. It was much easier than using phpmyadmin. It is still asking me for an authorization code or use an app to access, which is again strange because I never set this up. I am going back to original site and see if I had a 2 auth set up or something.