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Nicky Vermeersch

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Currently I'm using a WordPress installation, but I want to move all the articles you find in the menu on my website ( to the xenforo installation. I'm using DisplayNodesAsTabs and am familiar how you make them show up.

The problem however is that when I make the page, I seem to have no html formatting at all. Bold text disappears, along with italics and other previously used html formatting. I know that wordpress has a different way of handling html, but I even replaced <strong></strong> tags with <b></b> and that doesn't make it bold either.

converted to

Even the h1 -> h5 header tags don't seem to affect the formatting at all, is this normal and how can I fix this?
Isn't it true that this is only good for pages likely to stay the same? That is, editing of the pages from now on won't work unless you do "manual" html?? (unlike WP, which has markup or visual editing).
Yeah, those pages I wanted to move were supposed to remain static anyway, they do not contain any changing content at all. I managed to move everything wordpress related over to Xenforo, liking it very much so far :)

I did notice that I had to include the <blockquote> itself too, as I seemed to have lost some formatting options when following Brogan's aforementioned methods.
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