XF 2.2 Creating a page for tutorials


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Hi. Firstly apologies that I have been asking so many questions as a new user. But I have learned a lot in the last three days! Many thanks to all the tips and help on here.

I have one thing I really want to do on my forum and that is create a new tab for "tutorials" which opens up to show one page - and on that page, mini page boxes as links to click on, describing the tutorials, which then open up when you select each box.

Basically something visually large rather than a list of resources as is the case under resources.

So firstly - is there an "add on" for tutorials? Or do you just need to make a new tab and call it "tutorials"?

Secondly how do I create a "page" to link to the tutorials tab - that opens up the size of the web page (almost) with large "page" icons on?

I have read a lot of tips and resources on here already but can't seem to find anything about that. Thanks :)
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