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Add-on Create Sticky Like Icons Per Node


Well-known member
Trying to see if their are style options or an add on that allows us to add additional icons for each thread posted in specific forums. Basically certain threads need an icon next to it in order to identity what this specific thread is about.

The only option as of now I see visibly that I can do is add an additional prefix option but then the problem with this is any usergroup can change it to this prefix. There are options out there to change the design sticky icon but there no current option to change it per node.

Kinda stuck on how to proceed here. There are alot of ways to go about this. Have about 40 threads bookmarked and can't gradually reading through them to come up with an idea but still no concrete way to go about this. Was initially thinking of to run a cron job which matches the criteria and then changes the prefix but a bit time consuming to do that and that could cause complications with the server. I'm sure anyone who reads this would have questions about what I'm trying to achieve exactly.

Willing to pay towards the development of this.