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It would be great if Xenforo could provide a step by step manual to create a start page for your community.. like it looks here: www.xenforo.com . Right now I have my forum in www.my-site.com, but would like it to be replaced with a start page instead. Has anyone done this and can provide some tips and tricks =) ?

Chris D

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I may get corrected if I'm wrong but the start page for xenforo.com is NOT part of the XenForo software. It uses some features from it such as the overlay, but I imagine it was coded from scratch separately.

There are some add-ons though, that do allow you to set up a Portal as your home page.

We use XenPorta at www.valvetime.net which is very common and powerful and gives you lots of different blocks and widgets to customise it just how you want it.

There are also other add-ons such as Poor Man's Portal: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/poor-mans-portal.718/

Jake Bunce

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i have both Xenporta, and nodes as tabs installed but with Xenporta i cant find any way at all to get into the Home page and add things so its just a blank page :l


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I'm not following - you want to create a brand new page as a "home" page and then add stuff at your own will?


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im trying to use the blank page here as the home page but i cant find a way to get in and edit that, all i want to do is add a wordpress blog and a few other things such as my minecraft server's status, and online forum members.