Create new topic from another program.

Can you elaborate? Custom on your side? Or coding on our side? I expect we would need to make some API call or communicate with XenForo in some fashion.


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That I'm not sure of, but once you're licensed you'll be able to ask for support on that. :)


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There is an API addon but you are able to instantiate XenForo from an external application and use its datawriter functions to create yourself a new thread.

Chris D

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You can write your own API for this relatively easily.

In vague terms, a thread can be created by instantiating XenForo and its dependencies (you can see how this is done by looking at XenForo's index.php file when you have access to it) then creating the relevant DataWriter object, setting the relevant fields, and running save on that object.

This requires some knowledge of XF, but equally it's not an especially difficult concept to grasp.

There are also at least two API add-ons that may provide the functionality in a more straight forward way, but, honestly, it really is relatively simple to do with some simple code.

So, yes, it is a fact that you can programatically create a new thread from your application.