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Last year I co ran a site with someone and we had a system which pulled stats down from that external site onto our own site, the site in question was the popular EA sports title FIFA, what we did was to create a system called rivals. Basically members could link there xbox gamertag to their xenforo profile, adjacent to this Managers of teams based on the FIFA pro clubs part of FIFA would enter the club name and bring down that teams results into our system. When another team from our site decided to join our own system any matches between both of those teams would be generated onto our site and so on, in the end we had near 300 11 man teams generating stats from the EA site right into our xenforo database and onto our own site.

It worked perfectly, however each year the FIFA title updates and so does the website, with this the system became broken, the guy I ran the site with is no longer around and he did most of the coding, over the past couple of weeks I have been trying to get the coding working again and while I have managed to get some of it working it is with limited success.

I can pull down a team to our database and the team is issued the EA team ID, this is whats issued when the team is created, it also shows me various stats from the team as well as all the team members, so this part functions absolutely perfectly.

My problem starts to happen in that the mySQL database is not updating within the team entry of the database, however I haven't ascertained yet whether that should happen automatically or whether I need to add a database cron for this to happen, and the reason for this is that the system is supposed to collect match stats but thats not happening either, now I'm wondering whether I'm missing the mySQL cron to run an update on that specific part of the database or whether the code is actually broken, I believe the code to be absolutely fine as I have went over it but my coding ability is not perhaps at the required level.

There are 4 bugs within the system, 3 are minor which I would add later but the main one is getting the matches to add and update on the database thus presenting themselves on my site. I have been quoted various amounts of money to get this working but that is when all of this was in a completely broken state but now that I have worked on it I don't believe it actually requires that much work....

And now why am I here, I was hoping someone could take a look at this file and tell me if I am missing something, the orange parts (within the code) which are commented out link directly to what the stats should be collecting so I know I have those parts right. If anyone could help or advise it would be hugely appreciated.

Code added to next post.

If you require any further information to present any help I would be delighted to add it.
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