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Hello dear community, im Laurenz and i need a xenforo style for my website. It should look like the image above. Our Team works on a company called "mappletec" and we need this because we want the style off our webpage for our forum too.
Please, if someone can do this for me, he will get a 800x900 banner on my website, an admin account and a "powerd by (name)" label under my website.
We have 2,01k visitors per day. I can upload the stats if you want a proof.
The style i use is a Wordpress style. If you need the images just download the theme below.
Here is the wp style download link :
Thank you!
Laurenz grothoff




No problem :)
Your post is now much clearer and nicer to boot (y)
Hopefully someone can help!


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Perhaps you would be better off asking on a site more suited to this sort of thing?

This forum is the official support forum for XenForo customers, not a random forum to have WordPress templates created.


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You already been informed that this is not the appropriate site for your request.

Associate your forum account name with a valid license in the customer area, and request a XenForo style to be created for you there. If you are requesting just a WP style only, contact a member here who create styles, or ask on a WP support site.

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