XF 2.2 I want to show a template in all pages as stop message


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Hello all!
Maybe someone knows what code event listener or template extension do I have to apply so as to ignore the template visitor tries to show and show my own template (like a stop message/ not allow visitor to show something else) ?
Of course I will apply my if conditions as php before print this template, but I need some info what kind of code event listener or class extension do I have to apply.

I don't want to extend each /XF/Pub/ controller. I need to apply my stop message in all Pub controllers (default XF/or addons).

I have detected some code event listeners fire like:

... but I don't know how could I use the $reply or anything else param to show something like my $this->view('', 'my_template_name') stop message.

My purpose: print a template on any page visitor try to visit. Not individual page like we can do via extend of specific XF/Pub controllers.

Any idea? :)
I was able to solve this issue on my own ;)
DispatcherPostDispatch code event listener (it has a $reply param) =
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