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CrazyEngineers Forum Migrates To XenForo


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Okay, finally, CrazyEngineers Forum has migrated to XenForo :). Link in my signature. Everyone seems to be loving the software so far and after migration, there's a sudden flow of visitors! Wow!

I'll write my complete experience in next few hours. Gotta grab some sleep now. Been sleepless for last 48 hours :eek:

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Messages: 179,813
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I like "Small Talk" and
"Welcome To Awesomeness!"

Croeso! and welcome! (here)
I shall visit and learn.

There's a big space under the above text line/ strapline and the first forum.
Might be my Firefox which cuts out ads.


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I can't sign up for your board and learn stuff because the CAPTCHA is too hard!
I tried guessing but it doesn't work.


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Thanks! Yeah, we chose to setup a difficult CAPTCHA because we were getting tons of people who'd just ask for ready made stuff. By the way, you can simply find binary to hex converter online and get the answer. It's easy :)


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It's an engineering forum -- they have engineering related stuff to answer! =p
Reeve it's not unusual for other admins to join a board via contact here for two reasons.
One is for mutual exchange of ideas on board designs.
The other is that we're an intelligent curious community open to learning. I would love to know more about engineering and this seemed a perfect opportunity.
You may not feel interested in the second motive of intelligent learning, but I think mutual admin support is important. Could you consider creating an account manually on request?


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I've removed the large ad spots and replaced them with leaderboards. Any tips regarding the ads?

PS: I hate to admit that the large boxes performed well :sneaky:

Digital Doctor

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Well your "Google Traffic" for the forum might be down. But the HomePage must be getting HUGE traffic.
But your article is #1 in Google News: Science !



First time I saw a "xenforo" site #1 in google news (even though your front page is Wordpress ?)
Great job.
BTW, I didn't know it was your site until I finished reading the article :)


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Disclaimer: This isn't a forum critique thread but rather a demo of how WordPress & XenForo can be tightly integrated to offer uniform browsing experience to users.

See: http://www.crazyengineers.com

The forum resides on http://www.crazyengineers.com/community/

What you are looking at is WordPress Integrated With XenForo :) . Users can login from Wordpress, get notifications, alerts, mini-user-profile in sidebar, XF-widgets and so on. Watch the perfect integration of 'Google Custom Search' which helps a *lot* if your site goes beyond XenForo.

Our users are already thanking us for bringing the much awaited change. We're now ready to take our site to newer levels! :)

Credits: The magician who helped us achieve this integration is none other than Bambua aka Rich. His XenDynamic theme is an amazing piece of work and I must say he's an extremely talented programmer. Working with him makes you feel awesome.


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Disclaimer: This isn't a forum critique thread but rather a demo of how WordPress & XenForo can be tightly integrated to offer uniform browsing experience to users.
The forum rules are one thread per forum so I have merged your latest thread with your existing thread.