Couple of Questions Before I Buy

Hi, I've been browsing these forums and others for the last week and have pretty much made up my mind on buying Xenforo, I just have a couple of questions first.

1) Google+ Log in Support- Is there a plugin or something I can get for this? or is it coming in the next update?

2) Splash pages- I've seen these splash pages (for example here ) Are these are native part of Xenforo, or are they add ons? Also, the "keyword cloud" from the same page I linked, is it an add on or part of xenforo itself?

3) Skins- If I install a custom skin I purchased (I'm looking at the "Eloquent" one) does the default Xenforo style editor still change the colors for these third party skins?

I think these are all my questions, most things were answered in the various FAQ's. Thanks in advance,

Thanks Brogan, how hard would it be to get someone to make an addon for Google account login option? Is there a list of Xenforo developers somewhere that could be hired or something?