Couple of pre-sales questions

Clark Stott

New member
I'm building a membership sales site on WordPress.

I really want to use Xenforo as my first choice forum. I'm happy to keep Wordpress and Xenforo separate if I have to, or if it is better to.

I'm using WordPress to sell my memberships and Xenforo to provide all my training, workshops and forum, so Xenforo for me is the most important part.

  1. Can I configure Xenforo to accept/process monthly or annually recurring paid membership fees or do I need to use something else to do that? If there is something else, can you recommend?
  2. I'm building my sales website on WordPress to drive traffic to my membership sign-up page - once the client clicks on "Sign-Up" where should I drive that link to so they can setup their recurring payment and then in turn get access to the forum?
  3. Can you recommend an integrator to get me up and running?


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XenForo doesn't provide traditional "paid" membership as you are looking for. However, extensive permissions allow a large amount to be controlled via user upgrades (paid) and they can be recurring.