A couple of pre-sales questions



I want to buy a Xenforo license and have read the Pre-Sales FAQ but as my English comprehension isn't too good, I have some uncertainties/questions:

1. When the first 12 months of the license has passed, am I still able to download versions of Xenforo that were released before it went obsolete? In case I lost the files or something.

2. After the first 12 months, I still have access to resources such as add-ons both new ones and old ones?

3. If I were to move from one web server to another, keeping the same domain, the only thing I'd have to do is to make sure that it's removed from the old web server before installing it on the new one, right? I can use the files to install the software as many times as I want, as long as I don't have two installations active at the same time and that I always have the correct domain in my customers account?

Side-note: Is hosting a Xenforo forum on a 24/7 PC at home not recommended? (In case someone has any pros/cons to tip about, otherwise, ignore this.)

Any help is highly appreciated. I apologize if a lot of these things seem very obvious from the Pre-Sales FAQ, I just wanna be sure I understand it correctly.



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Yes, yes, and yes.

You could potentially host XF on your own computer but we would recommend regular hosting.