Not a bug Counter members late


I have found on my forum that the counter member was behind the members registered on the forum, as you can see above, if the counter is delayed by about 150 members



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You have most likely either merged users, deleted users, or banned users. They will take up member IDs but won't count towards your member count.


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I just had a lightbulb moment when you posted that... only to think to myself that this should be no surprise since this is consistent elsewhere in XenForo.


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I think he's reporting that the ID and the total aren't the same - there's no way to make them the same...


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Hi Mike,

The same as my problem FORUM STATISTICS new members will not be counted on time after new member registers. Do you have any idea how many minutes before it will appear? or is there a script to fix it? I was just wondering since i am new to this xenforo.:)


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Associate your forum user name with your license if you want support with your installation.


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Is there any reason in Xenforo to not update the name of the latest registered user or the total number of registered users everytime a new user register? Cache problems?
Maybe they don't think that it is necessary:D (ask @Mike and @Kier why they implemented it this way:D )

IMO the rebuild while user datawriter CRUD operations would be much better, then the cron (like they're doing it with the users to moderate)