Core - A new premium style for XenForo


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Hey everyone :) just giving everyone a preview of my next style releasing at

Going to be calling it Core, although I'm still working on some things it's coming along nicely I feel. **Hoping** 1.1.4 comes this week along with the RM release which this will be released shortly after with compatibility for both. So far I've tested this on some major plugins and it looks great.

Anywho... price will be $25.00 along with a $15 branding removal.
My node icons aren't finalized(they're from the xendisConnect release)


The footer is rather nifty... it's controlled via style properties quite a bit as you can see here:


As you can see, a simple toggle will turn on/off the "Advanced Footer". The links for the left/middle column are in their own templates so it's easily editable.

Style works great fixed/fluid, and I'll probably launch with a few color schemes, thanks all for your support so far!

- Russ @


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That it does... I had to gut the store add on and recode the main page, apparently I didn't notice :) thanks for the heads up

Sorry to do this but found another bug (OS X Lion/Firefox)

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 08.22.53.png

I assume the blue header is meant to be aligned with everything below?