Best Style for Xenforo? Here's my list that I'd like to see


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In reality this is a list I'd like to see happen in future Xenforo style/s.

  • Floating sticky adminbar (I have a very workable version of this on my site)
  • Up to a couple different variations of a header / bg style
  • Navbar custom colors
  • Enable/Disable background Advertismentsor just for gfx like
  • Adjustable sidebar width + design that flows and not so blocky
  • Forum Icons custom colors AND able to swap out each icon with ease
  • Widget framework footer
  • Ribbons over OR below Avatars
  • Responsive
  • Fixed+Fluid versions

Adam Howard

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A floating navigation, status, and administrator bar (like how it is on Facebook)

This was a really cool add-on, but the developer stop supporting it. 8thos is creative, but kind of isn't big on support. Would love it if XenForo picked it up.


Responsive Design (which we've been hinted to will come in 1.2)


Less white. Something more neutral color (not to bright, not to dark, and not just gray). Something easy on the eyes for those of us looking at XenForo at 3 AM


More defined --- Let me explain...

At first glance you would think that the default style has a lot of empty space. There are actually a lot of hidden (invisible) boarders and frames here, but you don't see them because they're all white. A complete noob would assume there is less to work with, when in fact there is actually more. I'd like them to bring out this fact.


Less images. I actually release Naked XenForo (link) for this reason. It works better on dial-up and DSL internet. And overall is faster in general

If not less images, then more sprites as to condense the amount of photos needed. But I'd like them to keep the file size low.


Less calling of the same image. ---- I'm not sure if this is their coding or its a browser things. But if the same image is listed on the page 5x, it seems to be called upon and loaded 5x.
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