Converting IPB suite to Xenforo

Can someone please help out on below things:

Do we have converters to convert IP.Gallery to XF gallery, IP.Downloads - XF Resources with all 301 redirect support?

What about the IP.Nexus? Anyone able to convert the subscriptions? If not, is there any subscription/donation tracker add-on?

What about blogs and calendar? Can we convert blogs to Xenforo topics and redirect? I am on IPS version 3.4.8.

If anyone has done conversion from full IPS suite to Xenforo, what are the things which wouldn't be converted to XF?



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Other than what is imported with the built in forum and gallery importers, the other content would be ignored/skipped.

You would need custom solutions for downloads, nexus, blogs, calendar, etc.

Chris D

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There is an importer from IP.Gallery to XFMG built in.

Have to be honest, I don't think an importer for IP.Downloads is high on the list. It's never actually been suggested, officially, as far as I can tell.

You can make suggestions here:

Though, really, our primary focus is XenForo 2.0 so it's unlikely we'll see such a suggestion implemented this side of XenForo 2.0.

If it's the only missing piece, it may be something you wish to commission as a custom job with a developer.