converting forums and plug ins problems


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greeting of the day

if i convert my forum to xenforo what will happen to my old plug ins that already installed in the current forum?

have any way to make it able to work in xenforo ??

and if there havnt way to do it what is the solution ? because maybe there have some plug ins isnt exist in xenforo?!!


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Add-ons are software specific.

If the functionality you need is not part of the XF core, you will need to source add-ons.

If they don't exist, you would need to have them custom developed.


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thanks for your response

could you make it clear of source add-ons?

and by which way we can develop it? by wich programing language i mean ? i know that php is the main thing but i wanna understand everything please?


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You are asking a very broad, nonspecific question so the best you can hope for is a very broad, nonspecific answer.

You might have better luck with replies if you describe the plugins you're currently using and ask if there are Xenforo addons which duplicate that function.