XF 1.5 Convert URLs to Page Titles feature problem "Mysql Server has gone away"


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We are experiencing that problem while "Convert URLs to Page Titles" feature is enabled in Admin > Messages is enabled.

We can't send different 2 links in our posts. If post, javascript console error says "mysql has gone away" See the screenshot.
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If we paste only one(1) Url and send the post, page is waiting a some reply then we see the loading icon top right corner and later sending the post. It is too slow if we compare with sending regular posts. But two (2) different link is impossible to send.

I disabled the Convert URLs to Page Titles feature from admin panel and all messages which including links two or more, sending immediately and fast.

Can i need a set/change something in server side ?

Php version: Php 7.0.2 / Nginx 1.9.9 / php-fpm
Our wait_timeout is 10 now.

However, if i increase that i think it is temporary fixing and still we will wait to sending the linked posts. When click the reply button, users are waiting too much and see the javascript loading icon at top right corner.

Also, increasing the wait_timeout is not preferable for general mysql health i think.
If it's taking longer than 10 seconds to retrieve the linked page(s), you're always going to have problems with a wait_timeout of 10 (which is very low). We've done as much as we can to limit the amount of time it takes to fetch an external URL to look for a title, but there's only so much we can do in the general case with various approaches to timeouts.
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