XF 1.4 Conversations - quota limits

Does XF have the ability to manage or set Conversation quota limits? For example, can the users sent unlimited amount of conversations? Can they attach unlimited amount of pics or other files? Can this be controlled at User Group level? For example, basic registered user gets 5MB of quota space and 20 Conversation mailbox. Upgraded membership gets more... Thank you!
If there are no limits then how can I prevent someone from sending unlimited amounts of attachments and file size which could consume my server's space? Does that mean that Registered member's Conversation box will never be cleaned up? What if that chews up the server space? Am, I missing something or is this concern a non-issue and why?


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You can set permissions for "Upload attachments to personal conversations" if you want to restrict certain groups.

Conversations are deleted when all participants have left the conversation.


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I think this is a problem. Big boards are going to have huge amounts of old conversations because no one is going to take the time to "leave" the conversation. They will just leave it as it is and move on with their life.