XF 1.4 Conversation moderation options...

So someone reported a message in a conversation, and... I can't find any way to interact with the conversation. (I'm not a participant in it.) Normally, if a message like that had been posted on the forums, I'd soft-delete it, but apparently there's no way to do that to conversation messages. I'm not sure what the options are here, and I am confused.


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A reported message does not provide access beyond the message. The reports appear to any who can deal with it, which is defined as warning the user directly and not tying it to a piece of content.
Ahh, I see. I have been responding to content, or deleting things that need deleting, but I haven't got any real interest in the warning system, it does not suit the community. So, in general, even admins can't poke at a conversation they aren't invited to.