Not a bug "content" not found in ACP search


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I was looking for CSS Class #content .pageContent { and found the property "content" in Template Search.
Using the AdminSearchForm in ACP for "content" wont show it up in Results (Style Properties Listing)

It just shows Item Content (x)


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ACP search doesn't search within template contents. You can only do that by using the specific template search under the Appearance tab.


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Well, again missunderstanding...
I was looking for the Style Propertie Content, which can be found in
Style Properties: General
  • Appearance
  • Styles
  • xenForo Default Style
  • Style Property Group
If you search for e.g., bbCodeBlock in ACP Search Form you will get a listing with bbCodeBlock in Style Properties where you can edit it
But this wont work with content

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It does work, though it doesn't work here. We only return 5 results. They're ordered alphabetically (by property name), so the one you're wanting doesn't come up in that subset. There's an argument that the sort order should change, but that's more of a suggestion.

Chris D

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ahh thats why. Thanks for clarifying
If you think you would be commonly searching for this, you could increase the maximum search results returned:

It's a configurable option.

Ironically, search the Admin CP search for: "adminSearchMaxResults" and up that to around 10.