Contemplating to use Xenforo


I'm currently a vBulletin user, with a well-established site. However, I been having a few issues with vB myself. I been looking at Xenforo the past couple of weeks. I been on several forums using Xenforo - I absolutely love the clean feel to it.

Now, my only concern that's holding me back is a couple of things.
My forum uses a TON of add-ons/mods. Migrating to xF would mean I would lose many features. I have things, that as far as I'm concern there isn't any xF mod for it, such as
  • vBActivity (vbExperience-type like)
  • vBShop (a shop where you can buy with forum currency, username colors, glow colors, shadow, etc)
  • vBulletin Tweet Poster (I post a thread, it auto tweets it to a connected twitter account)
Plus many small other modifications that I could live without/find alternatives.
Those are mainly my biggest concerns when it comes to moving to xF. So I'm still on the fence about it.
Anyone know that something similar to these are being developed?