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Contact form spam

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by gfo, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. gfo

    gfo Member

    We have the spam situation on our forum under control, where StopForumSpam and Akismet do a good job. The contact form, however, is a different story. Spam keeps piling up in the inbox where messages are sent.

    What is the best way to combat contact form spam? Is it possible to run it through Akismet?
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  2. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

  3. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

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  4. gfo

    gfo Member

  5. DaveM

    DaveM Well-Known Member

    I just have the normal XF setup running with the question and answer set and have to date never had any spam on the contact us option.

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