Confirmation for "Mark all forums read" really needed?


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I have my doubts wether this is really necessary, since clicking the link by accident is unlikely. It hasn't happened for me so far anyway. What do you guys think?


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When the Mark Forums Read link was to the right, yes people were clicking it accidentally, and a confirmation was asked for.


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I must admit I don't mind the confirmation screen and there are a couple of times I have changed my mind before confirming it, something I wouldn't be able to do without it


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Is it just me or did the links switch back again? :confused: I've found clicking the link to mark the forums read a few times today.

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I never use that option so I don't know how it's being done right now. My idea would be to have a confirmation - but not as an alert, pop-up, highlight or whatever...
Something less obtrusive. Like, you click "Mark all forums as read" and then the phrase "Mark all forums read" becomes gray or something and slides off to the side. Then a "are you sure?" comes up right where "Mark all forums read" was before.

I think something similar is already being done somewhere here... Can't remember where I saw that though.


I have quite a few sites where I have over 25,000, 35,000 or even 50,000 posts. Clicking on mark read ruins my browsing experience, especially when the click was not intentional.