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automatically "mark all forums as read" after each session

Is there a way to automatically mark all forums as read after each session instead of having to manually click the "mark all forums as read" button ? Like with vBulletin...

My users would prefer to show only the unread topics since the last visit, and not all unread topics since the last time the "mark all as read" button was clicked

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There's no way to do this, but the New Posts page does indicate clearly when you've reached the threads that "have not been updated since your last visit but have unread messages".
The problem is that my users always forget to click "mark all forums as read" before leaving the forum.

I'm using "node as tabs" to display the number of unread topics for each of the sections of my forum, but if the users doesn't use the "mark all read" button, the red balloons aren't revelant. It would be so much better if the red balloons and the number of unread topics would be based on the unread topics since last session like VB :(

If someone makes a mod to do this, i'm buying it