Comprehensive Developer Documentation for Xenforo 2.0


One thing I've noticed about the Xenforo documentation is that it is very good for website owners and for end users but it is absolutely dreadful for developers. There is no list of all the available APIs and how to use them. That means that the only people who end up making addons are those that spend ages digging through the source code.

I feel that when Xenforo 2.0 comes out if the developers released a really comprehensive addon development guide it would really help more people customise their forums in the way that they like.

Plus the more addons available for Xenforo 2.0 that people want to use the more likely they are to buy a license for it for their own forums.

Is this possibly something that could be included? I see nothing about developing addons here:

I can program in other languages and if I had some documentation to work off I could probably cobble together an addon that I want to make.


There is currently a WIP documentation for XF 2.0 here:

I’m sure it will be moved once XF 2.0 is out in stable form.
Awesome. Thanks for the link. I'll be sure to check that out. It looks like what I want. At the very least it will get me started with the basics so I can ask more specific questions later on.

Hmm. Now the question is do I install the beta of Xenforo 2.0 on a virtual machine to play around with it or should I wait for the full version to come out so that the docs are completely finished? I'll have a think about that.


I'm sure the docs will be an on going project so I would start getting familiar with XF 2 as the Beta 6 version is quite stable.
Alright. I'll set up a second virtual machine on my computer dedicated to Xenforo then. Thanks for the advice.

I guess I can always ask questions if I have any problems but from the quick read through I did they seemed pretty straightforward.