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Chris D

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WIthin our community there is an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of developing for XenForo and we already help each other out a great deal by responding to questions posted by our fellow developers in this very forum.

But, sometimes, we can share that knowledge and experience in other ways, and one way to do that would be to turn our XF2 Developer Documentation into a crowd-maintained resource so that we can all help each other and indeed aspiring XenForo developers to hit the ground running when starting development projects for XenForo.

For the most part, we previously were not accepting community-submitted changes to our GitHub documentary repo, but that is what we are changing today.

If you are interested in submitting new content to our documentation, or even if you've just spotted a pesky typo that you'd like to fix, feel free to familiarise yourself with our Contribution guidelines and submit those changes to us directly.

The page above gives a brief overview of how to set up and use MkDocs (which is optional) and further how to submit changes and gives some very short guidance for contributions submitted in this way.

For anyone considering submitting changes to our documentation, no matter how small, thank you :)
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