Competition time!


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So a little fun fact, the last week has officially been the busiest week for XenForo support since the doors opened 3 and a half years ago! So we had a dig around, and put some stats together... and thought, hey these are pretty good, why not make a competition of it.

Que competition music:

Ok maybe thats a little too sissy... perhaps this will do instead:

Ahh much better.

Right so, up for grabs, well, nothing much really, just a bit of fun, but I guess the winner can have a custom user title of their choosing!*

So the question:

On average, a support ticket to XenForo gets its first staff reply after how many minutes?**

We'll run this for a week, after which point, the answer will be revealed!

One guess per person, winning answer will be the closest person without going over. In the event of a tie, the first person to guess it wins!

Good luck :)

*Within the XenForo rules

**Remember, some tickets can only be dealt with by specific members of staff which does raise the average up, so putting a ticket in to find out wont help im afraid!


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Allowing for sleep, Trans-Atlantic time zone differences, ice, wind, snow, flooding, walking the dogs, feeding the squirrels in the park, painting the kitchen, and other factors - 123 minutes. (y)


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Bear in mind this includes tickets submitted in the early hours when some of us are sleeping, or at weekends when we should be with our families...
I fail to believe you actually sleep. :p

Fine, 32 minutes then.