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Comic-Hero, is a paid colorful comic book type style for xenForo that is credit free. Supports xenForo's style properties, so color change-up is a breeze and even has a random header image that changes on page load. I also added page peel, this allows visitors to "peel back the page" so-to-speak, revealing an ad.

Demo (not yet available)

Installation Instructions

Upload the contents of the upload directory to the root of your XenForo installation.
Go into your XenForo Admin Control Panel, click on Styles, and then click on "Import a Style" in the left-hand navigation list and then select the style-Comic.xml file, and then click Import.

Your Usage Rights

You can install this style on as many domains or sites that you wish, only as long as they are your owner. You are welcome to modify the style to suit your needs, or have someone modify & update it for you.

You can credit yourself for overall site design, but not style design specifically. Examples: "MySite by: Yourname"(ok), "Comic Site by: Yourname"(ok), "Site Design by: Yourname"(ok), "Design by: Yourname"(ok), "Style by: Yourname"(not ok), "Theme by: Yourname"(not ok), "Skin by: Yourname"(not ok).

You may not convert this style to any platform other than xenForo; redistribute or install on any site that is not owned by you, including fan sites, style sites, addon sites, or modification sites.

You may not remove the original branding or copyight <!-- xenforo style design by Xarcell @www.xardesigns.com --> in the "PAGE_CONTAINER.php" file. This does not show on your site visually, it is simply there for search engines to index.

My Creator's Rights

As creator of this style I reserve the right to change any these rights, and/or add new ones. I also reserve the right to refuse any sale to any person at any time. I am also not obligated to modify this style to work with any add-on, modification, or module, but may be requested. There will be no refunds for this purchase.


This style is not free, a payment of $20 USD is required. After I receive payment, I will email you the style, or provide a temporary link in which it can be downloaded. The latest version is: [ xfrc1_comic-hero_1.0.zip ]. It is compatible with XenForo Release Candidate 1 and up.


I am collecting payment through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account - you can purchase with an accepted credit or debit card. There are no refunds for this item.


Eventually, all styles will be moved to XarDesigns.com, where when purchased, immediate download will be allowed. All those who have purchased this style, can register and I will give them access to style to be downloaded again at any time. Currently, I do not have a xenForo license for that site, so I am trying to raise the money to buy another xF license before I can do this. Please be patient, and any donations to speed this along are accepted.



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Modification Help

Image Location
All non-default images are located in the style root, or "yourforum/styles/comic-hero".

The PSD for the logo is included in download package, and the font used is "Comic Sans MS". You can change the text "Comics" to anything you like, or by request and I will try to do it for you.

Hero Images
To change the images that are random in the header, go to the style's template via admin. Look in the "PAGE_CONTAINER", within the head section.

//Random-loading images
theImages[0] = '@imagePath/super-hero-1.png' // replace with names of images
theImages[1] = '@imagePath/super-hero-2.png' // replace with names of images
theImages[2] = '@imagePath/super-hero-3.png' // replace with names of images
theImages[3] = '@imagePath/super-hero-4.png' // replace with names of images
The image names with the ones you want, or simply over-write the current images. Recommended size to keep from overlapping or breaking layout is 272 x 250 pixels. Looks best with transparency and drop-shadow. Do not ask me to create additional header images for you...

Comicbox Image
Comic box image can also be changed in the the style's template via admin. Look in the "navigation" file, near the top.

<img class="comicbox" src="@imagePath/comic-ills-1.png" alt="" />
comics-ills-1.png with the name of the file you want to use or simply over-write the image. Recommended size is 118 x 110 pixels with transparency and drop-shadow.

Position of the image can also be changed via the style's template "navigation.css". Scroll to the bottom of the file and look for:

        position: absolute;
        top: -70px;
        left: -50px;
        z-index: 25;
Just adjust the top and left values accordingly.

Page Peel
To change the page peel image, simply over-write the current image labeled: "subscribe.png". Recommended image size is 307 x 308. To change the link within it(or anything else about it for that matter), open "PAGE_CONTAINER" via styles admin.

<div id="pageflip">
      <a href="register">
         <img src="@imagePath/page_peel.png" alt="" />
         <span class="msg_block">Sign Up Today!</span>
With the URL you want to use.



Version - 1.00 (2-13-2012)
  • Released



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WOW that is bright. I definitely couldn't stay on that forum for long.
Interesting though.... :)


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I actually was doing via request, but then I later found out it wasn't supposed to be that kind of comic. But rather a comic-strip or funnies.


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Greyscale or single-color the background and it'll look much better. Looks very 'clown-like' at the moment.


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the clown like appearance was intentional. I plan on doing a more greyscale(comic-strip) and a comic villain using more darker(but bright) colors. I just gotta finish my army style first.

I've been distracted by other things of late.


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Ok cool. I might install it on my dev site later and see what it looks like - I know with our live XenForo site we started off with a black gradient leading into a rainbow gloss at the top. I thought it looked awesome but soon found out that others thought otherwise! :p

Looking forward to seeing the army style!