XF 1.2 Colour of node title link on nodelist


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I've tried various things but nothing affects the colour of the node title link on the node list.
I can change the colour of the Link Forum titles, but not forum titles.


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Are you referring to the area that has "Official Forums" here, for example?

Edit @secondaryDarker in the color palette.


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Thanks but all I want to do is change the colour of the title of a forum, as displayed on the nodelist.
This forum here for example is "Styling and Customization Questions"
so how to change it from blue to another colour?

I did try some of the palette. Problem with that approach is it changes other stuff as well.
If possible I would rather not install a complex addon just to make one colour change.

I tried variations on this in EXTRA but no luck yet

.node .nodeTitle a.link a.visited a.hover a.active
{color: #000000;}