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I know XenFrono doesn't have immediate plans to start working on its CMS; but, my understanding it will be coming sooner or later.

I am requesting "“Promote to Article” functionality that is implemented in vBCMS. It lets admins promote individual posts or threads from forum to article entries in CMS.

As I wait for XenForo to mature and get populated with essential mods, I'll be using vBa CMPS/vB3.8 to display articles on my site. I wanna be able to move them to xenCMS once it's out.
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We created a custom CMS for our site and promoting threads to article status was part of that.


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Again I find myself in total agreement with Anthony.

The option to promote a thread topic to a CMS article, whilst comments are added to the original thread, pushing people towards the forums would be great.

Put a calendar into that mix, and be able to feature a major event (example) on your front page whilst it's discussed in the forum and remains listed in the events calendar would be awesome.

Agreed. :)


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CMS approach to consider. IMO.

Compared to a forum, CMS sections of a site focus on the content & navigation rather than follow-up discussion. It doesn’t exclude discussion (optional) but doesn’t promote it with premium screen real estate focused on “last post” info, like forum pages appropriately do.

That said, the delivery medium doesn’t need to be separate in approach from the forum. The content area of a post is open and functional for the task without an over engineered solution that babysits content addition. The default xF forum layout is very functional with regards to logical navigation with the well presented bread crumbs. Easy and logical return to the forum level. A greater part of a standard forums framework is perfectly suitable for the task to function like a CMS.

My point is that it’s not necessarily what needs to be added to the xF forum approach to also function as a CMS but rather what needs to be removed. Something a separate node can handle (?) to use separate templates:
  • CMS Forum: Omit last post info and focus on content titles. With the extra room allow for (optional) additional post title columns.
  • CMS Forum: Omit last post info on sub-CMSforums and list the titles out neatly.
  • CMS Post: Omit in the first post the user profile column on the left.
  • CMS Post: Allow for the choice of a different owning user of the post. (optional of course)
  • CMS Forum & 1st Post: Left column for CMS specific blocks similar to xF forum home page. (Optional)
Completely understand there are varying opinions on the approach. Also, and perhaps obviously, I’m not versed yet on xF so my apologies if I’m off on some points. The function of node types, etc.


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In-context Editing

One of the most obvious things that sets concrete5 apart is in-context editing. Our goal here was to match the word processing experience with a website. If you're reading a document and you see a typo, you can fix it right then by just typing. You don't have to bring up a different program and learn a different set of tools to make basic changes. This ease of use is what keeps people feeling motivated and creative when writing in a word processor, and the complexity of making even basic changes is what typically intimidates website owners with older content management systems.


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I like the sound of the new node very much. waindigo took this approach with Library and Articles - Library = Category, Article = Forum, Page = Post. (Only the Library acts as anode, not the Article.)
It doesnt have the "front page pull" of a CMS node. That does show a new node CAN be done as an addon.

Not sure of parts of the description above. Not grasping it all but I'm slow to comprehend and fast to manip[ulate once I do ...

What I'd like is a CMS that drew on cerrtain admin selected forums and Libraries - displayed Latest X number.
Like it says above cut out the last post data - if it shows in a CMS page it's recent anyway.
But I'd keep the avatar of last post for page colour.
Add a forum icon image in the space left by hiding last post details.
Select a lead "story" with image like front page of newspaper.
Have a band with some other info - drawn from a Notice - going across the page.
If gallery installed latest pics subject to permission to display publicly or to members.

Just display resources on admin CHOICE.
All the CMS possibilties I've seen force me to have a page that THEY desgn for me.
I want my own page design in blocks and columns ... I choose width of columns and have preview to test.

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The current 3rd party CMS / Portals don't always exactly cut it.

The most popular (Xen Porta) is poorly supported and in my opinion coded as well (no disrespect meant). There are a few others who do better, but are not as advanced as to what some people are looking for... And more importantly, with so many CMS alternatives, there is not a standard for adaptation for modification in the 3rd party development.

I personally don't think I would need a CMS, but I do know a general need when I see one. This is something overall at this time (the time is now, if not yesterday), that The XenForo Community at large could use for further growth and development.

So yes, please :)
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I did a search for CMS on here and this thread popped-up. It's almost 5 years old. I'm not too hopeful a CMS is coming anytime soon. People have been waiting a very long time. The demand is certainly there, but whether or not a CMS fits into Xenforo's business plans, remains to be seen. Let's hope they're working on something we don't know about.