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Cloudflare with Xenforo

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by planetmaster, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    I've tried CloudFlare's pro plans but unfortunately my XenForo installation didn't quite get along with it.. Its SPDY, RocketLoader and TTL were creating issues. Unfortunately CloudFlare does speeds the rest of the site up.

    Has anyone managed to make XenForo work with CloudFlare? You know with a custom rule or modified Page Rules etc.
  2. p4guru

    p4guru Well-Known Member

    what were specific issues with cloudflare's SPDY, RocketLoader and TTL ?
  3. Dan Cryer

    Dan Cryer Active Member

    We are building a forum hosting platform that uses CloudFlare as part of the stack, and have had no problems with XenForo at all.

    What trouble are you seeing?
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  4. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    Which service are you using: Free or Pro?
    If Pro, are you using SPDY, RocketLoader and have you set up any page rules for community?
  5. Dan Cryer

    Dan Cryer Active Member

    We've tested with both. Plus RocketLoader is part of the free service as well.

    SPDY in theory shouldn't cause any problems at all, as that is merely the transport mechanism (and will only have an effect if you are using SSL.)

    RocketLoader hasn't triggered any problems for us - What are you seeing happening?
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  6. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    Enabling RocketLoader added a lag in resource loading such as Reply box etc.

    I tried it around 2 months ago so much could have changed. Will definitely give it a try again.
    Does SPDY shows any significant speed improvement?
  7. Dan Cryer

    Dan Cryer Active Member

    There might have been a bad route from your location to your nearest CloudFlare location at the time, perhaps? It shouldn't add any lag at all, in fact exactly the opposite.

    We've not thoroughly benchmarked SPDY with XenForo, but in theory it should be a worthwhile improvement over just straight HTTPS, it can run multiple requests through a single SSL connection (no need to re-establish the SSL handshake and so on.)
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  8. planetmaster

    planetmaster Member

    That would help a lot. Thanks. :)
    Between I'm currently benchmarking with Incapsula and would later do the same with CloudFlare Pro and definitely post a review in here..
  9. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

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