XF 2.0 Cloud storage limitations?


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Are there any gotchas or things we should consider before implementing cloud storage for files in XF2?

Performance? Flexibility? Things that may break? Issues to watch out for? Things we can't do?

How does it work with existing sites with large amounts of file storage? I'm assuming there is no functionality out of the box to migrate existing content to cloud storage?

Chris D

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The only discernible difference is that direct reads and direct writes of the data will be slower as the adapter would have to fetch / write the data accordingly so there could be latency depending on the connection to that cloud storage.

Only issue to watch out for is the reliability of the provider and your connection to it. You basically never want that connection to fail but I'm sure the "big boys" like Amazon will handle it as gracefully as possible.

You would indeed need to migrate the content yourself.